We value the opinions and uphold the rights of the people we support. We identify with the people we support and treat everyone equally with dignity, respect and compassion.


We approach all of our communication, work relationships and work practices in an open, honest and transparent manner, respecting privacy and trust at all times. We deliver support with high moral principles and professional standards.


We are responsible to the people we support to deliver quality evidence based practice. We are committed to managing funding and policy to maximise the opportunities and outcomes for all the people we support. 


We value team work, and the involvement and inclusion of all stakeholders within the broader community working and interacting together toward common goals.


We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of all. We value happiness as it brings self-esteem and confidence to both the people we support and our staff.


We are ready for and open to change. We demonstrate innovation and continuous improvement to be the best we can be, finding effective, creative and environmentally responsible ways to fulfil our mission.