Mission, Vision & Quality Policy



Mission, Vision & Quality Policy
Mission, Vision & Quality Policy
Mission, Vision & Quality Policy


To be the leading provider of disability and support services in Tasmania.


To provide quality, individual support services that enrich the lives of people with a disability.



To be sustainable in five years’ time with opportunities emerging for growth.

Marketing and communication

To have raised our profile as demonstrated in increased membership, participation, fundraising and partnerships.

Our People

To have a skilled and happy workforce.

Our Clients

To be delivering quality care to an increasing client base, with a higher percentage of satisfied clients and value added services.


Eskleigh in supporting people will:

  • Deliver a quality, efficient and diverse service.

  • Value and respect all people we support in policy and practice.

Eskleigh operates to a quality management system. This system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to the service.

All Directors and employees shall be made aware of the requirements of this quality policy. Adherence to the systems and procedures defined in the Quality Manual ADM030 is mandatory for all Directors and staff.

All Directors and staff are directly responsible for the quality of their own work and actions.

The quality system shall be systematically reviewed for continuous improvement.

Dale Luttrell

Chief Executive Officer