Why Choose Eskleigh for Disability Support? If you or someone in your family has a physical or intellectual disability, let us help you make the very most of life’s opportunities and be part of a supportive network that understands and responds to your needs.

A person centred organisation, Eskleigh is constantly assessing and developing our support services to ensure we continually honour the needs of our clients, their families and the Tasmanian community. Every single member of our team, from paid support staff to our wonderful volunteers, is committed to the common goal of providing Tasmanians with a disability a real quality of life they might not otherwise experience. We aim to make life with a disability as rewarding as any other.

We offer help to people living with a disability and support to their families. We understand that every person and family is unique and so is the support they require. That’s why at Eskleigh, we provide a range of supported accommodation options and in-home support to assist our clients and their families in the very best way we can.

Our clients come from a range of different circumstances, with varying levels of physical or mental disability and therefore have very individual care needs. Many of our clients have a spinal injury or other physical disability that prevents full mobility, but are still capable of making their own decisions.

Others have an Acquired Brain Injury as a result of an accident and require a family member or associate to make decisions for them. Clients may be middle-aged with special needs and have been living with parents all their life; the age or death of a parent making this arrangement unsustainable.

Some of our clients are elderly or frail and require support and companionship rather than being transferred to an aged care facility. Others may have suffered an aneurysm or stroke and require rehabilitation support. We also work with clients in their late teens who seek independence from their parents and social support.

To find out more how Eskleigh can help you contact us or call 6398 7100.