Eskleigh Home at Perth provides full time, qualified nursing and support staff who provide assistance to residents with a range of disabilities including Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Quadriplegia, Paraplegia and Acquired Brain Injury.

This 42-bed home combines the sophistication of a modern care facility with the historical charm of the former ‘Scone’ homestead to which it is attached.

Set on 23 acres, Eskleigh Home boasts a charming residence with beautiful gardens and surrounding farmland, providing a peaceful environment for people with a disability to enjoy a real quality of life whilst being provided with home nursing. Residents’ lives are enriched by a premium level of healthcare combined with a wonderful range of services and activities. From hairdressing and church services, to art and craft activities and supervised outings, residents of Eskleigh Home are encouraged and supported to embrace a full and meaningful life.

We understand it can be extremely difficult on families to transition a family member with an illness or disability into full-time care. Through careful consultation with clients and their families and a focus on individual needs, our nursing and support staff are committed to making this transition to home nursing as easy and comfortable as possible.

At Eskleigh Home, you can trust in the knowledge that your family member will receive the highest quality healthcare in a calm and nurturing environment that embraces a real quality of life.



Eskleigh offers supported accommodation in 4-6 bedroom contemporary residential homes in Hobart and Launceston. People with a disability requiring moderate support are given an opportunity to develop and maintain independent living while working in partnership with support workers, families and the community.

Group Homes offer residents and their families, active and person centred support from qualified disability support workers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Full time nursing services are also available if required. 
The group home system allows residents to perform daily tasks in their own transitional living units, providing a real sense of individuality. Being part of a functioning, cooperative and active group of people can be extremely important and meaningful for a person with a disability.

Residents are actively encouraged to participate in the running of their household to a level that reflects their abilities. Support staff can provide assistance to residents where necessary including personal hygiene, nutrition, meal preparation, clothing maintenance and dressing, domestic duties including shopping, medication administration, toileting assistance, physiotherapy and maintaining socially-appropriate behaviour.

This service provides a positive and stimulating way of life for people with a disability, encouraging rich social connections and community engagement.


To find out more how Eskleigh can help you contact us or call 6398 7100.