Supporting the Give us a Lift campaign

This is an important step for Eskleigh Home, and we encourage you to support the Give Us a Lift project. Our goal is to raise $400,000 towards the costs of building works. This will allow  us to make the required structural changes to incorporate a lift into the Eskleigh Home foyer.

We are about the quality of our support as well as accessibility for our clients, families and carers. We thank you for considering the Eskleigh’s Give Us a Lift project and have enclosed our Prospectus. Your support and generosity is very much appreciated.


What benefits will this bring?

  • Access to management team on the first floor
  • Employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Opportunities to hold accessible fundraising events
  • Additional accessible office space
  • Opportunity for future development

The Plan...

Eskleigh’s Give Us a Lift in 2016 project will involve renovating existing space, with minimum impact to existing rooms, to allow for a passenger lift, which will accommodate at least one accompanied person in a motorized wheelchair. Our main goal is to offer complete accessibility to clients, staff, families and carers.