A celebration of the best of Tasmanian art now showing at Eskleigh


Exhibition open to public daily
Sat April 14 - Sun May 27

Eskleigh Gallery, Perth

Our beautiful Apple Isle is in a new cultural phase of national identity. Tasmanian art is now as eagerly consumed as our apples, gourmet delights and scenery! No longer a quiet little backwater, this beautiful island is being increasingly recognised as the State of the Art. Tasmania has a proud tradition in the visual arts arena. Launceston Art Society also has good reason to be proud. 

In 2016 the Society celebrated its 125th anniversary, distinguishing it as the oldest of its kind in the nation. 

Throughout its long history, LAS has encouraged, supported and promoted artists, whilst simultaneously contributing to the wider Tasmanian visual arts community. Hence, we can well lay claim to a celebrated cohort of outstanding Tasmanian artists, past and present, all embraced within our membership. 

Whilst Launceston Art Society has held innumerable exhibitions over many years, this inaugural exhibition, the ESK Art Award is of special significance. It exemplifies the embodiment of the Society’s ideals - supporting Tasmanian artists at every level of ability, giving their works vital exposure in varied community art spaces and encouraging interaction between art lovers and artists alike. 

From Eskleigh residents, participating in LAS run art therapy programs, to Glover Prize winners, the eclectic creativity of contemporary art showcased in this exhibition is not only uplifting, it is a rich endorsement of community inclusion.

Launceston Art Society is forever indebted to Eskleigh Foundation for its support. We have had the privilege of calling this stately residence our home for almost a decade. During this time, the assistance the Foundation has given our committee and members is immeasurable. Late last year, the opportunity arose for our Society to take custodianship of the Tasmanian Art Award. This was proposed as an Eskleigh sponsored prize, to be one of the awards in an LAS managed exhibition. Hence the ESK  evolved. 

Many have contributed tirelessly to this art event in a wide variety of ways. My sincere appreciation is extended to all of those who have helped Launceston Art Society along the way.

We look forward to the ESK  Art Award becoming an exciting new highlight on the Tasmanian visual arts calendar.

Carolyn Riley

Launceston Art Society

If you love it, you can buy it

All artwork featured in the Esk Art Award exhibition is for sale.
Simply complete the ‘Purchase artwork’ form located at the exhibition or download from www.artlas.org.au and return to the Eskleigh office along with payment.  

Discover more information here from the Launceston Art Society

Download a copy of the exhibition catalogue here