For many people with a disability, maintaining a level of independence is incredibly important for their emotional well-being.  Hence, one of the most valuable services we offer at Eskleigh is the in-home care program.

We are able to provide expert daily healthcare for people with a range of disabilities, without them having to leave the comfort and security of their own home.  This level of support allows the client to maintain independent living and offers peace of mind for the client and their family.

Our qualified support workers and trained nurses will visit clients to provide a range of services from personal care through to community integration.  The type of care each client requires is determined after thorough consultation with relevant medical practitioners, the client and their family.  We believe in empowering clients to drive their own life plans and take ownership of their goals and achievements.  Our Attendant Care Services embrace a collaborative approach, continually assessing the needs of the client and the community and building trust between all key players.

Personal Assistance

Eskleigh offer in-home support and personal assistance to clients at a range of levels. Clients with a moderate intellectual or physical disability may require general domestic assistance to allow them to live independently. This may include gardening, cleaning or grocery shopping. Clients may also require transport assistance and help with mobility, or simply seek companionship and social support to engage with their community.

Community Access

Many clients require support in the form of transfer, mobility and community integration. Our support workers assist clients to access and engage with their community. Clients may require transport to and from social activities and events, allowing them to become active members of their community. Eskleigh run a range of community eventsand activities catering for all different interests, including the Doll and Bear Fair, Prestige Car, Bike and Model Show and the Tasmanian Art Award at Eskleigh. These annual community events as well as the regular outings and activities on offer, allow Eskleigh clients to connect with others in the community and embrace a happier, more fulfilling life.

Post acute support / Short-term support

We offer rehabilitation support for clients who may have suffered an aneurysm or stroke, or have perhaps been involved in an accident. We provide healthcare and rehabilitation support to help these clients get back on their feet sooner and often return to work. Some clients may require physical support including exercise assistance, personal training and hydrotherapy. Others may require emotional support and social guidance to come to terms with their disability and readjust into society.

Home Nursing

Our qualified nurses provide in-home medical support and personal care to clients with moderate disabilities who require healthcare on an ongoing or short-term basis. This may include medication administration, wound care or catheter management. With daily healthcare administered in their own home, many clients are able to maintain independent living.



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